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  • me during my wedding vows: babe i just love you so much like you don't know i can't even you're so gorg and just perf and like you just give me so many feels i can't even omfg i ship us so hard lkjhfluyhejrg'zsjhf;s;dfgkhzs
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Harry and Nick were shown on the big screen at Reading Festival during Florence + the Machine!!!

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x omg i was at the same festival as him x leeds feels

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been terrible with posting here lately but ive been super busy. I got a new job so have been working a lot and I’m going to New York City tomorrow (aaahhhhdjanshsjs so excited!) so I won’t be posting for about 10 days :( im back on the 16th and I promise to update every one of my fics between then and when I go to Reading Festival (the mother of Leeds festival which we allllll know about). So I hope this explains my abscence lately and why it will continue but only for a bit longer!

Lots of love, Elle x

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#103 (Ѻ) Pawn, knight and queen

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x oh x my x god x i x am x going x to x pass x out

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